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When placing an order online or by phone, please allow us 48 hours to get your order ready.

(if placing an order online and you have not received an answer back via email within 12 hours, please call us at 330.9156 to verify order)

Let us know if we need to customize your order, such as less salt, leaving out ingredients, etc.

At this time we do not accept online payments.

Need a meal, fast? Stop by the store and choose a Entrée from our Freezer.

Take-n-Bake Entrées:
  • 3- Serving size         $16.50
  • Flank Steak Entree   $19.00
  • Salmon Entrée          $20.50
  • 6- Serving Size         $33.00
  • Salmon Entrée          $41.00
Single Meals:
  • $6.00  (entree only)                                           Salmon   $7.35 (entree only)
  • $9.00  (add a vegetable and starch side)             Salmon $ 10.35     (add a vegetable and starch side)
Bag Lunches:  Pre Cooked Single Entree w/vegetable and a starch

$10.00 (Chicken, Pork, Tilapia)     $11.00 (Salmon or Flank Steak)

  • Purchase  5  – 11 Entrees and receive $1.00 off each Entree.
Millie’s   Punch Cards:
  • 12 Entrees’ / 3-Serving Size $174.00  (plus tax)
  • 12 Entrees’/ 6-Serving Size $348.00  (plus tax)
  • **Punch Cards do not included Salmon or Flank Steak Entrees

Punch cards are purchased up-front then you have 60 days to pickup the entrees.


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