Gluten Free Entrees
Gluten Free Entrees

Hot Meals to Go!

“Hot Lunch to Go”

Call by 11:00am to place your order, then

Lunch can be pickup between 12 noon-1:30pm Monday-Friday


 Your turn to cook dinner tonight?   or Just don’t want another fast food meal….

Monday thru Friday, you can have dinner cooked to go—- call us by 2:00pm to place your order.  We will prepare the meal & cook it for you!  Then all you have to do…  is pick it up between 5-6 pm and enjoy!

Get this home cooked meal for only $12.00 per person/meal  $13.50 for a Salmon Entree

Dessert Choice:  Luscious Lemon or Chocolate Lovers Paradise       $2.50 extra per serving

Tossed Salad  with Croutons and dressing                                         $3.50 extra per serving

Meat Entree’ Choices:                        Vegetable Choices:                                         Starch Choices:

Parmesan Chicken                             Green Beans                                                   Mashed Potatoes

Herbed Roasted Chicken                   Apricot Glazed Carrots                                   Baby Baker Potatoes

Raspberry Pork Chops                      Fabulous Corn                                               Wild Rice

Basil Pork Chops                               Key Largo Blend                                             Rice Pilaf

Potato Crusted Tilapia                       Asparagus

Honey Ginger Salmon

Chicken Saltimbocca

Asian Chicken



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